I would like to introduce myself. My name is Syed Tassidq Hussain, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & English. Professionally, I am an international journalist and a social worker. As a social worker I am passionate about being able to assist people with problems they are encountering and finding resources that will benefit them in the difficult situations they are facing.

I have done a lot of work internationally for orphans and needy children at home and abroad. I am also in charge of a nonprofit organization, “Canada Kashmir Aid Society”. I have also done extensive volunteer work in Okotoks and Calgary. I am a husband and a father of two young boys. As a family, we have resided in Okotoks
since 2017. I was raised in a home with a strong work ethic where there was an emphasis on obtaining a quality education. The pandemic has been a difficult time for Okotokians and has caused a lot of mental and financial stress. I want to explore and find avenues that people can access to find some ways to help with the crisis that we have all experienced because of the pandemic and the economic downturn to our province.

Why am I running for town council? I’m who I am today because of the opportunities Okotoks (Canada) has given me. I came here to fulfill my dreams. Now as a successful person, I want to give back to the town of Okotoks and ensure that Okotokians continue to have those same opportunities and more. There are big challenges on the horizon, and this is the most important election in decades. Our Town needs the right people at the right time, who set aside ideological differences to make evidence-based decisions that are in the best interest of Okotokians. A vote for me is a vote for strong public policy, financial oversight, a dedication to community, and a commitment to building a strong future for all
Okotokians. If you would like to contact me please enter your contact information in the “contact” section on my website or you can email me at:

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