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A little insight on who I am

Hello there! I am one of the seven Okotokians who have thrown their hat in the ring for a seat on council this fall. My family and I emigrated 12 years ago to Canada from Kashmir, originally living in Calgary and moving to Okotoks
five years ago.For me, the biggest motivator for my council run is the desire to give back to the country and community. The way Canada treated me, the way they helped me out when I came here as a refugee. I want to return something back, I want to work for Canada, for Okotokians. I want to do something for them, so I decided to go for council. That’s the plan. Before coming to Canada, I worked as a student leader and a member of the media advocating for human rights in

Kashmir’s political situation is a far cry from that of Canada, my goal as a councillor would be to advocate for those in need. Within the council, if I become a councilor, I want to work for the people who really need help, especially in the housing sector, people on a low income, senior citizens and
children. People have contacted me personally to address these issues. They have received subsidies, but it is not enough. There are families who are struggling, and it is a daily challenge for them to make ends meet. I hope to preserve Okotoks’ small-town feel, which I usually contrast to Calgary’s rapid expansion as it played a big role in my move from Calgary to Okotoks.

Okotoks has a very family-oriented community. I am married and have two children of my own. My wife is an educational assistant at Spitzee Elementary in High River. We feel very fortunate to be able to reside in Okotoks.









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“Let’s Make Okotoks Better, Together!”